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A little bit about me

Grew up in Philadelphia. Met my wife in Colorado. Went to university in Orlando. Worked in New York. Then worked in Seattle. Now I work in Vancouver. At work I design solutions for clients. When not at work I do things outside, cause, c’mon, it’s Vancouver.

I started off shooting film. I began editing to create a story. I wanted to bring the film to life so I animated motion graphics. The graphics needed design so I designed them. Many areas of life need design. I focus on the digital. Check out my work and see.

Why I do what I love

Design is an opportunity to tell a story in a creative and meaningful manner. Design brings us together and enables us to truly connect. It creates an environment that intrigues and engages while communicating an idea and ideas are powerful.

I work closely with creative directors, project managers, designers, and dev teams to develop ideas that manifest themselves in a variety of forms. I am tasked with the creation of original content to be used in everything from broadcast television to application development. Coordinating with internal teams and clients, I am responsible for the final production of design elements for deployment in the digital space.


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