Atlantic Empire | Behind The Scenes

Atlantic Empire | Behind The Scenes

An interactive HTML5 multiplayer game launches with the Season 2 premier of Cold Water Cowboys on Discovery, Atlantic Empire is an immersive gaming experience that captures the essence of a high-stakes Newfoundland fishing adventure with a combination of both strategy and skill-based gameplay, including in-depth information about show characters and locations.

Project Background

Almost a year in the making from concept to launch, the game has come together to be played across all major devices and browsers. This was not an easy process from a technical and design perspective. The incredibly talented team at Switch United in Vancouver partnered with Plusk K Studios in Toronto to bring the experience to life. Working closely with Paperny Productions and Discovery, we ensured the game accurately reflected the show’s portrayal of life as an Atlantic fisherman. Many details were taken into consideration from how the fish swarmed to the costs of upgrading to a larger ship. In the end, the game not only looks beautiful but is extremely addicting to play.

Development Process

Everything starts on the whiteboard. We concepted and iterated multiple ideas and approaches consistently refining the experience based on the market research we conducted. Deeply influenced by the success of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach we always viewed the game through that lens. Take a look at the process from beginning to end using the fishing screen of the game as an example.

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